Carolyn Rideg



Power Pilates Certification

Pat Guyton Pilates Conservatory

Rebecca Leone Spinal Alignment and Pain Relieving Protocols

Iyengar Yoga

Nia Technique Black Belt Instructor and Teacher Trainer

Tony Robbins Leadership Mastery

Life Coach




Previous Owner – Alchemy of Movement in Boulder, CO

Previous Owner – Niawise Movement Studio in Boulder, CO

Pilates Instructor since 2009, working with individuals and groups

Ballet Dancer


Trainer for athletes including top seeded tennis players

Leader of Women’s Specialty Retreats focusing on personal growth, Pilates and movement





Living a healthy, happy, balanced life requires exercise which takes into account, and honors, the entire body, mind and spirit of each individual. Whether just getting back into shape, or a seasoned athlete, I will educate you on proper form and technique in a fun way where you learn and understand how Pilates can empower you to gain more strength, flexibility, stability, body awareness and decrease any pain issues. Pilates really benefits everyone.